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 November 1963

Victor weeps for pal Don 'wonderful man'

The mayor called him friend --
Star Photo

Victor Deschenes, 12, was alone and crying in the City Hall courtyard.
His best friend --a man called Don Summerville-- was dead.
Dec. 4 is Victor's birthday, and it was going to be a very special one, because Don Summerville who counted kings and premiers among his friends, was going to take his littlest friend to a hockey game.
"He was a wonderful man," Victor told The Star through his tears. "He did everything for me, and we were both looking forward to the game. We were going to have a lot of fun."
Victor is in Grade 7 at Holy Family school, and some day he hopes to be prime minister of Canada. "And when I am, I want to be like Mr. Summerville."
On Nov. 11, little Victor was on hand for the Remebrance Day service at City Hall --one of the mayor's last official functions.
"Someone tried to keep me out when I came up to the members' room after the service. I was just standing there, and he came out and said: 'Hello, Victor, come on in and have a cup of coffee."'


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